Zerto Virtual Replication 5.0 Beta: Can YOU Break It?

Apply now to get early access to Zerto Virtual Replication Version 5.0

Be one of the few, the proud, the Zerto Virtual Replication 5.0 Beta testers and help make 5.0 the best it can possibly be. Testing takes just minutes, but your input could last a lifetime! Space is limited, apply now. Beta starts October 2nd! 

Zerto Virtual Replication 5.0 Key Features

  • Azure Support (ability to failover to Azure) 
  • One-to-Many Replication
  • Zerto Mobile App for Monitoring
  • 30-Day Journal History

If accepted into the 5.0 Beta, you will be required to:

  • Participate in up to a weekly survey
  • Participate in up to a weekly webex
  • Allow for call-home function to be enabled
  • Assist in log collections as needed

Beta Test

Testing Requirements:

  • Azure – requires Azure credits, network connection and test bed VMs for replication to Azure
  • One-to-many – requires test bed VMs, multiple sites or cloud account
  • 30 Day Journal – requires test bed vms and storage required on recovery side to host 30 day journal
  • Zerto Mobile – requires test bed VMs with 5.0 ZVMs to be able to call home via the internet and mobile application installed

Apply Now to Test ZVR 5.0