Replication Software for the VMware ESXi Hypervisor

White Paper

Step Away From Array Based Replication

New DR Approach – VMworld Best of Show Winner

Zerto protects virtualized applications with the same robust and effective recovery previously available only with complex and expensive array based replication solutions. With Zerto you get:

  •         Scalability
  •         Ease of management
  •         A Hardware agnostic solutions

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“We really like the simplicity of having full automation and orchestration, combined with robust replication in just one product. I had two separate products – VMware SRM and RecoverPoint – which was challenging to manage. For example, when a new version of vSphere was released it had a feature I wanted to leverage. In order to use it, and ensure BC/ DR would not be affected, I had to upgrade not only vSphere, but also SRM, RecoverPoint and the array; it was just too much. Zerto (Virtual Replication) is not only easier to manage, but it handles VSS checkpoints seamlessly and the ability to easily rollback a failover streamlines our BC/DR processes.”

Zach Dickinson, Senior Network Administrator, Rapidparts, Inc

Hypervisor-based Replication White Paper