Woodforest Migrates Their Data Centers with Zerto to Avoid Hurricanes

Case Study
Customer-facing applications
Woodlands, Texas
95% Virtualized

A national bank headquartered in Texas, Woodforest has delivered unsurpassed quality customer service 364 days a year (not on Christmas) for more than 30 years.  Woodforest now offers both consumer and business products and services at more than 750 branches in 17 states throughout the United States.


  • Migrating its entire data center every six months to avoid hurricane season
  • Aligning BC/DR with its virtualized environment
  • Finding a flexible, efficient tool to automate and simplify the process


  • Quickly overcame traditional issues and roadblocks of replicating virtual environments
  • Now protects more applications in a simpler manner through virtualization
  • Found true enterprise-class replication & data center migrations through Zerto
Learn more about how easy data center migrations can be with Zerto’s Woodforest case study.

“Now we’re managing our applications, not our storage. Our disaster avoidance strategy is ready to overcome any disaster.”

Richard Ferrara, CTO

Woodforest Case Study