Recover Oracle, SAP, Sharepoint with Zerto

Case Study
Oracle, SAP & Sharepoint
Application Migration
18 Minutes

How to Protect and Recover SAP, Oracle and SharePoint

The client in question is one of the most recognizable names in IT. With consumers and corporations alike purchasing its products, ensuring the availability of mission critical applications like SAP, Oracle portal applications, and Microsoft SharePoint is imperative. As a Fortune 100 company, risks could not be made with its data center. However, the current BC/DR process was considered makeshift, especially by its own high standards.


  • Simplifying management of a growing, global IT infrastructure
  • Effectively delivering BC/DR for mission critical applications
  • Reducing costs while meeting aggressive RPOs and RTOs
  • Migrating SAP, Oracle & SharePoint applications without downtime


  • A flexible and simple hyper-visor based solution
  • RPO of 9 seconds
  • RTO of 6 minutes

Download the case study to learn how this Fortune 100 company met their goals, and more, with Zerto

“This is when we really saw the power of Zerto. An application migration typically takes a few days to plan and then an additional few days to execute. During the actual migration, the application is not available. With Zerto, we completed the application migration in just 18 minutes. We were just blown away.”

The Company’s Virtualization Evangelist

Fortune 100 Case Study