Toolkit: Disaster Avoidance in a Virtual World


Are you prepared? Disaster Recovery Checklist

Plus: How Woodforest found a Safe Home for its Data

In 2008, Woodforest National Bank experienced a disaster in the truest sense. When Hurricane Ike passed through Houston, TX, Woodforest’s primary data center had to rely on generator power for 10 days while the city recovered.

After that, Woodforest decided to preemptively “failover” the primary data center each June to a secondary site, avoiding the hurricane season. Today, with Zerto, all systems are protected. In this case study, read how Woodforest is now able to avoid disasters and how quickly they could recover with Zerto.

Disaster Avoidance Challenges

  •         Migrating an entire data center twice a year
  •         Aligning BC/DR with a virtualized environment

Zerto’s Solution

  •         True enterprise-class replication
  •         Replicating VMs with block-level consistency

Download this tool kit to learn more about the solutions Woodforest uses, and get a DR checklist to help prepare your organization.

“Now we’re managing our applications, not our storage. Our disaster avoidance strategy is ready to overcome any disaster.”

Richard Ferrara, Woodforest CTO

Disaster Recovery Checklist Toolkit