Technology Comparison: Disaster Recovery Solutions

Technology Comparison

Zerto vs Legacy DR solutions

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Zerto’s innovative, hypervisor-based replication is a technology developed to provide a true enterprise class, yet fully virtual-aware disaster recovery solution, to protect virtualized, mission-critical applications. This document outlines the fundamental differences between Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication and other current and legacy technologies.

Compared Technologies

The current and legacy disaster recovery solutions compared in this document include:

  • Zerto Hypervisor-based Replication
  • Array-based Replication with and without SRM
  • Host / Guest-based Replication
  • Snapshot-based Replication
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager with vSphere Replication
Download this technology comparison and learn how these technologies hold up against each other.

Zerto vs Legacy DR Technology Comparison